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X Software guides added to guide section

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Feb 2005 0:38 User comments (8)

X Software guides added to guide section We have added more guides to our guide section that utilise the use of the X Software products, DVDXGold, DVDXPlatinum and DVDXPress to make backup copies of DVD's. These guides also use DVD Decrypter for DVD's that are protected with CSS (Content Scrambling System) since X Software products cannot crack the protection. Here are the links to the guides...
Copy a DVD-9 to DVDR with DVDXGold:
Split a DVD-9 to 2 DVDR's with DVDXGold:

Copy a DVD-9 to DVDR with DVDXPlatinum:
Split a DVD-9 to 2 DVDR's with DVDXPlatinum:

Copy a DVD-9 to DVDR with DVDXPress:

Visit the X Software website for more information on their products.

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8 user comments

11.2.2005 9:08

Does any one have or know of guide to convert rm to mpeg??? thanks

21.2.2005 10:30

WinAVI...It will convert just about anything.

31.2.2005 11:59

WinAVI is crap. I sent you that guide iceman...

41.2.2005 18:43

can you send me that to?

52.2.2005 9:00

becareful, last time he almost sent me a virus. i'm not tryin to be rude or any thing it's just you can't really trust any one any more. sorry daemonz

62.2.2005 13:58

daemonzx6, send me a PM and we'll talk about adding your guide to guide section :-) I have seen it in submitted guides recently thnx. Everyone ast AfterDawn has been very busy lately, we werent ignoring your submission :-) It seems like a guide that deserves a place in the guide section!

72.2.2005 20:53

thanks daemonz, appreciate it. you came through after all. you earned your credibility back. i can now vouch for you now. thanks!!!!!!

85.2.2005 20:21

thank you very much. i'll get that PM sent...

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