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ShareConnector news page put online

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 Feb 2005 0:56 User comments (4)

ShareConnector news page put online As AfterDawn reported, ShareConnector was shut down in December 2004. The SC Admin, Adi, has started a ShareConnector news page and has adressed some of the mistakes made in News stories after the shut down. This is from the that news page...
Welcome Back dear ShareConnector's! Probably you heard the news and know what injustice is done to us. Regarding the situation we have decided to put up a SC newspage so we can keep you informed about the current development of the situation.

Let me start from the beginning. I'll explain in short what really happened the day (14-12-04) SC was taken down. Foundation BREIN (dutch anti-piracy) requested permission from the public prosecutor to take SC down. BREIN told the public prosecutor that SC is taking part in illegal activities such as copyright infringement.

As we all know it's not illegal by Dutch law to put eD2k links on a webpage, it's just a hashcode which describes a file so it has nothing to do with localization. Without any (real) investigation they assumed BREIN was right and gave permission to FIOD-ECD (piracy tracing department) to seize the servers and take SC offline. That day only 1 person was arrested our SC ISP Zefanja, his computers etc. were seized and he was 2 days in jail.

I was not arrested as the news told I was, they didn't know me yet otherwise I would be in the same situation. The 8 other arrests have nothing to do with ShareConnector. A day later FIOD-ECD called me to make my statement and so I did. The so called experts at FIOD-ECD didn't have a clue on how SC and eDonkey2k operated, so what the hell is their job then?! After the hearing not much happened and the lawyer's letters which were sent to the public prosecutor still remain unaswered.

It's obvious that they made a very big mistake and now they want this swept under the carpet. They are now stretching time, doing nothing and calling it an investigation. Now the real one to blame here is BREIN. They fooled the authorities and they are the ones who should be held responisble and pay full damages to ShareConnector & The Mindlab ISP.

That's it for now as soon as we know more it will be added here. And one thing is for sure, SC will be back no matter what it may just take some time..
Expect more soon so stay tuned!


It's nice to hear the truth about the situation. Any further news from the SC team will be posted here on AfterDawn as it comes.


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4 user comments

111.2.2005 4:13

Funky little article, I will read more into it later today and get back to you guys :)

211.2.2005 11:17

Wow... if I were in their place I would be frustrated to no end. Are ShareConnector thinking about suing BREIN?

312.2.2005 15:40

that sure would be ironic. damn government, how can they sue you if they have no idea what you are actually doing? or haven't even made sure you are doing something illegal? i guess the US isn't the only place where injustice happens...

412.2.2005 23:08

yes it is!

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