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CloneDVD critical update v2.4.3.1

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 04 Aug 2004 11:14 User comments (4)

CloneDVD critical update v2.4.3.1 Elaborate Bytes have quickly released a critical update to the CloneDVD software, since a file corruption bug was discovered in the previous version At the message forum of the, the software developer Olivier 'Olli' Kastl confirms that a serious bug has been discovered and now fixed.
After performing various additional tests I can confirm, that CloneDVD has a severe problem. In other words: We screwed it.
I believe, that we have found the cause for the problems, and we will release an update which should fix the "skipping and stuttering" you have seen very soon.
We apologise for all the trouble...
and wish to express our thanks to all those great people here, who helped to find and fix this error so fast.
Download the updated version from here.

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4 user comments

19.8.2004 03:37

strange how you have edited out the comment he made about the actual company (elby) being idiots who had screwed their paying customers by refusing to do any beta testing before they released the new version this is the end of the real message he wrote, not the carefully "edited" version posted above :- This incident should teach Elaborate Bytes AG the lesson, to release public beta tests before major upgrades in the future. Thanks again and all the best Olli

29.8.2004 03:40

and upon checking the link tot he website above, they really are idiots..they have actually released version to try and cover up yet more bugs that they found in this version yet still list this version as being the latest update ( yet when you download it, it clearly says on installation. what a mess and what a piss poor public relations exercise.

39.8.2004 13:36

Domie, I think your pushing this to far,if you have a problem post it so some one can help you.. So as the error was found which was in a hour or two.clone with in hours sent out a update.. Clone is a fine program,I use clone for well over a year..and never had a problem with updates ot the program…

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49.8.2004 16:39

No i don't have a problem, i've been using it for over a year and think it is excellent...i also think that Olli is agreat guy who works damn hard. The ones i have a problem with (same as the program's author)are elaborate bytes who release software to attract new customers without testing it first, thus causing them to waste dvds. I understand now why afterdawn edited out the comments from the program's maker which criticised the company....they are supporting you financially...oh well, fair enough i suppose.

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