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New version of DVD Decrypter released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 28 Aug 2004 13:21 User comments (3)

A new version of the most popular DVD ripper, DVD Decrypter, has been released. The changelog for DVD Decrypter v3.5.0.0 is here:
  • Added: Proper support for DL media
  • Added: Support for 'Calculate Optimal' and 'User Specified' Layer break positions for DL media
  • Added: 'Structure' Protection checking for protected discs (Normal and Aggressive modes)
  • Added: Automatic 'Transfer Length' setting - Manual setting is used when it fails
  • Added: Book Type / Bit setting for BenQ, LG, LITE-ON, Nu Tech/QSI and Ricoh drives
  • Added: Detection of OS upgrades (i.e. 95 -> XP) so as to reinitialise the default I/O Interface
  • Added: Bus type is now displayed where the drive string is. i.e. '_NEC DVDRW 3500AG 2.15 (G:) (ATA)'
  • Added: Option to automatically delete the image after you've burnt it
  • Added: A 'Hint' when you hover over the source 'Sectors' text in ISO Write mode. Shows number of sectors on each layer
  • Added: ISO Write modes info window now displays the Layer 0 Data Zone capacity on DL discs
  • Added: File splitting options to the IFO mode context menus
  • Added: 'Safe Mode' - Press F7 while the splashscreen is up
  • Added: Ability to 'Pause' the ripping process. Hit the 'stop' button as usual and then hit 'Pause'
  • Added: Ability to Drag and Drop into the 'Create DVD MDS File' window file list box
  • Added: Ability to Drag and Drop into the ISO Write mode 'Source' box
  • Added: Support for reading DVD Decrypter's original .DVD files - now used by CloneCD when making DVD images
  • Added: Support for Pioneer 120S drives that 'forget' where the laser is and display lots of 'Pack Header Not Found' errors
  • Added: Support for converting Mode 1 NON 2048 bytes per sector images on-the-fly to DVD standard whilst burning
  • Added: Support for burning images containing CSS information - 2054 bytes per sector - CSS information is discarded
  • Changed: 'Pack Header Not Found' logging is now disabled/re-enabled automatically
  • Changed: MDS creation code to make proper 2 layer MDS files for discs that have 2 layers!
  • Changed: MDS loading code to make use of info (see above) for DL recording (Perfect 1:1 backups!)
  • Changed: Some of the special code that's run as part of the DoItFast4U CLI switch
  • Changed: The program now only checks for updates once per day - saves pointless hammering of the server
  • Changed: 'Create DVD MDS File' window listbox now scrolls if entries are too long
  • Changed: File mode 'Detect Mastering Errors' now works like IFO and ISO modes and still checks each VOB/CELL ID change even when the file isn't supposed to be protected
  • Changed: Handling of ripping process in IFO mode. It now wont care if the 'VTS Cell Address Table' doesn't match the PGC
  • Changed: Browsing for a destination folder will now default to the closest folder to the currently selected one instead of going to the desktop
  • Changed: Clicking on the hdd icon to the left of destination will now open the closest folder to the currently selected one instead of doing nothing if that exact folder didn't exist
  • Changed: Added a little work around for Plextor PX-712A drives that can come up with a 'failed to get varient' error during authentication
  • Changed: Code for 'Opening' of device in SPTI mode
  • Fixed: Protected DVDs (ones with corrupt IFO tables) could/would have had one of the corrupt PGCs being selected as the 'Main Movie' one
  • Fixed: Unused cells from the start of a PGC would have been copied in IFO mode when they shouldn't have been
  • Fixed: Data buffer overflow when setting the hardware read error retries count
  • Fixed: Burning 2352 sector images in 2048 mode (and some other weird combinations!)
  • Fixed: Firmware lookup on for DVDRAM drives would fail to find any results
  • Fixed: Problem of CTRL+A not working in ISO Read/Write information panels
  • Fixed: Alignment of file sizes in File mode if the file name length is longer than the normal 12 characters
  • Fixed: The URL to was wrong in some places, this has been corrected
Download the latest version from here:

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3 user comments

128.8.2004 20:54

Mmmmmmmmm, dual layer goodness :)

229.8.2004 6:40

Oh hell ya! make sure to update.Awesome program, Thumbs up on this one DLDVD.

322.9.2004 18:05

Tried it, and it worked great......till the uninstall. The software had taken control of my burner and would not release it,regardless of other softwares installed. A possible conflict with windows media player. My resolution was to backup important files and restore my computer. If you decide to load to keep the program, it works well and the price is right.

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