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Kazaa loses P2P crown to eDonkey

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 22 Sep 2004 20:04 User comments (2)

Kazaa loses P2P crown to eDonkey According to a study at, Fasttrack network Kazaa has lost ground to the eD2K network. Ever since RIAA lawsuits began on Kazaa users, the number of users at any given time fell dramatically. However, the overall P2P users on all monitored networks increased by approximately 15%, with users going to other services for their mp3, such as Soulseek. The eD2K network has grown very large recently but is not a network for "small files" like mp3. The eD2K network spreads bigger files such as CD-Image files and movies faster than small MP3 files and there is reason for this.
That reason would mainly be the networks dependence on eD2K linking sites, which mostly only post eD2K links to large files. Much controversy surrounds these sites as confusion grows about the legality of eD2K links. Earlier this year, eD2K giant Sharereactor was shut down by Swiss authorities for alleged Copyright Infringement Violations. The case still goes on but the owner has setup a new site worth visiting called RespectP2P. Unlike Kazaa, which is a network that can easily be turned into a "leechers" dream, eDonkey download speeds depend on the overall participation of the user. For this reason, many users are turned off the network either because they haven't got a good upload speed or because they are too lazy to build up credit for themselves.

eDonkey depends on multiple servers to support the network, not on a major central server which has actually made it a more powerful network in many ways. Also there are many eD2K based clients, the most famous of which is now eMule. Other P2P networks have been gaining more attention lately too, such as Bit Torrent, which is probably the very easiest of all to download and share files. It relies on Torrent sites and trackers for users to share certain files with each other, but has been recorded at massive download speeds. However, like most other networks, it is lately feeling the pain of mass leeching.

You can read an eMule Tutorial at Afterdawn if you'd like to try the network.


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2 user comments

123.9.2004 13:39

YES! The superior network finally wins!

223.9.2004 19:57

:) saw it coming, but, i think BitTorrent will pass up eMule because, as far as i know, BT can't be tracked by that LogP2P shit that has come out lately. Then again, i am probably wrong, thats just my guess. EDIT: lol, it looks like (for now, until LogP2P becomes more open) all you need is PG to block the IPs of the idiots that are currently using it :)

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