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eMule tutorial published

Written by Jari Ketola @ 15 Jun 2004 11:01 User comments (6)

eMule tutorial published We have just put online a little eMule tutorial by Dela. The tutorial has been available on our discussion forums for a long time, and has been hugely popular. Thanks to Dela for submitting it as a guide, too. I'm sure many more will be able to find it from our guides section.
The tutorial is available at:

Be sure to grab the latest version of eMule as well.

Thanks again, Dela!

If you have a guide you'd like to see published at, you can send it to us using the guide submission page.

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6 user comments

115.6.2004 12:58

Thanks for submitting it, makes it more easy that way because forum wont allow html in posts :-) So the links couldnt have been done or anything :-) I decided to rush this version of the guide when i realised that a lot of websites were linking to the older guide which was offline :-) Thats preety cool of those sites to so thnx a mil to them aswell :-)

215.6.2004 19:56

Why do I not see any "Thank you Delas" posts? =P Well here's the first one. Thankyou almight Dela for this wonderous gift you have presented us AfterDawners with.

316.6.2004 4:21

Congrats Dela.... Good guide... Good Work, it was worth the many, many, many hours u put into it. Regards CoZZa

415.2.2005 1:44

thanks for your tutorial Dela i have been using emule for a short time now but now i understand a lot more about it now.. i have high id from reading this post so thanks again..

59.5.2008 16:58

Thank you Dela for the guide.

69.5.2008 18:14

Thank You Dela, now I can learn to use emule.

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