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MenuShrink: A simple but excellent tool to shrink DVD menus

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Mar 2005 22:30 User comments (7)

MenuShrink: A simple but excellent tool to shrink DVD menus Firstly, I would like to apologise for the delay in announcing this program. It has in fact been added to the download section for about a week now and also has been updated once already in that short space of time. I also did not mention a new guide at the site just yet so I will do that now. So what is MenuShrink? MenuShrink is an excellent tool to reduce the size of DVD menus by converting motion menus to still frame menus quickly and easily.
It is not rare for the program to reduce DVD menu sizes by hundreds of megabytes. Right now, on the MenuShrink homepage, there is an account of a 1846MB menu being shrunk to 6.9MB using MenuShrink. This tool should be in the collection of every single member of this site who likes to make backup copies of their DVDs. Below is a link to download MenuShrink from AfterDawn and a guide I have posted (and updated once already, thanks to quick updates of the program, keep up the excellent work jeanl et al).

Link to Download MenuShrink v1.0:

How to Shrink DVD Menus with MenuShrink:

Don't forget to visit the MenuShrink homepage:

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7 user comments

14.3.2005 1:56

Seems a bit superfluous, since DVD Shrink can do the exact same thing, as well as many other things.

24.3.2005 2:31

When I backup a movie, I take out all of the extras and menus. It sounds good, but I'll never use it.

34.3.2005 4:59

Yeah, Balaam... what is the difference between MenuShrink and DvdShrink's menu shrinking capabilities? Don't they do the same thing?

44.3.2005 12:21

Hi guys. The main difference between MenuShrink and DVD Shrink is that MenuShrink can turn your menus into stills (no motion) with or without audio, but still keep buttons working. That's the major point. - You can shrink by about 40-50% with DVD Shrink, or you can replace the vide with a still, but then menu functionality is entirely lost. - With MenuShrink, you retain full functionality, and you compress by as much as 95% (but of course, you lose the motion video). That's something DVD Shrink can't do. @nrk4594, I never keep the extras, but I always keep the menus (mainly for the chapters). I use PgcEdit or vobblanker to remove the extras, and MenuShrink to make menus as small as possible. Result: you spend 10-40MB for the menus, and the rest is all for the movie. Best of both worlds (movie only with high quality and keeping menus). jeanl

54.3.2005 19:20

using menushrink can you strip the audio from the menu? nothing is more annoying then a menu that loops every 5 seconds. does anyone else besides me ever just kind of leave the tv on, while its on a dvd menu? oh it will drive me mad!. the worst menue i have ever encountered was the movie "phone booth" all it is is a picture of a payphone and the guy says, "have you ever wondered....." it loops about every 20 seconds and i belive thats all he says. anyway, i wish shrink would include the options this has, like freezing a menu with the buttons still working. is there anything you guys wish shrink had? i think if we got a list together and sent it to the author of shrink perhaps he could help us out in the next version. i would like compatablity with arcoss protected disks, and i would like an autoplay option, like you can choose so whenever you put in a DVD Shrink will automaticcly open and analyze it. (i realize i am being a bastard for wanting more out of FREE software, so dont complain)

64.3.2005 21:11

Yes you can get rid of the audio with MenuShrink. No don't expect any new features on DVD Shrink. The guy who wrote it now works for Nero and his code isn't public... jeanl

74.4.2005 10:10

[COLOR=red]MenuShrink Version 2.0 is here![/COLOR] New thread is [url=]here[/url];

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