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Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 17 Mar 2005 21:19 User comments (9)

NeroLINUX Commercial grade optical recording applications are rather rare on the Linux platform, but now Nero steps in to fill in the void. The problem with selling software for Linux is that the users expect to get it for free. Nero has invented a rather clever pricing for the new product -- NeroLINUX is free for the registered Nero 6 owners.
Nero, leaders in digital media technology, announced today the release of NeroLINUX, the Linux OS Solution for CD/DVD Burning. This newest member of Nero’s award-winning product family is now available for free for the registered Nero 6 full version owners.
NeroLINUX is a comprehensive and flexible application available to LINUX users that want the power and quality of Nero’s award-winning burning engine to perform all essential optical burning tasks.

“LINUX and Nero are both synonymous with stability and reliability,” said Jim Corbett, Executive Director of Nero AG. NeroLINUX is a breakthrough for Nero and we are happy to provide a powerful and reliable optical burning solution to the loyal LINUX community.”

NeroLINUX provides LINUX users with the essential tools to effectively perform optical recording tasks. The application supports burning data and disc images to CDs/DVDs (ISO9660, UDF and UDF/ISO9660 Bridge), Bootable CDs/DVDs, Audio CDs with CD text, Mixed Mode CDs, CD-EXTRA, Multisession CD/DVDs and Double Layer DVDs. It is provided as a standard Linux package in RPM or DEB. Supported 32-bit platforms include Red Hat 7.2, 7.3, 8.0, 9.0 and Enterprise Linux 3.0, SuSE 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2, Debian 3.0 and future 3.1.

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9 user comments

118.3.2005 9:18

Humm. No Mandrake support? I wonder if they are going to be able to compete w/ the already established & well known Linux burning programs like K3b etc. Also the fact that even the user guide to this program gives you a large print copyright warning that says you can't copy or use sections of the Manuel or otherwise reproduce it makes me think theres going to be a problem with the closed elements of this program. On the bright side Nero has been known for its user friendly approach to cd creation so maybe it will be an ade to those linux user that are more knowledgeable in windows. I guess well see.

218.3.2005 12:58

Yeah, Mandrake support is almost a must. It's one of the easier to use distros, so an easy to use burning app would be a good approach to its users. Maybe they'll add it later.

319.3.2005 13:01

mandrake support is definetly not a must. mandrake is usually found from homes, whereas redhat, suse and debian are targeted to companies. very few commercial pro-apps on linux have direct support for mandrake. nero is not targeted at consumers.

420.3.2005 11:49

Why would Nero port a version to Linux before Mac? Currently the only commercial product for the Mac OS is Roxio Toast which lacks many of the features Nero supports, and since Mac is a commercial OS, its users are more than accustomed to paying for commercial software.

520.3.2005 17:19

They may be using linux as a testing ground....

620.3.2005 20:03

Why isn't Nero targeted at consumers? I am a consumer and I use Nero almost exclusively for media manipulation under Windows. Sure companies use Nero sometimes, but come on, "nero is not targeted at consumers"? Its mostly consumers that use it!

722.3.2005 15:54

Odd that you have to have windows to get it for you linux distro. Also I wonder how the updating will work, if you buy Nero 6 for windows and then get the linux, can you still update the linux version when Nero goes to version 7 or will you have to buy windows 7 and then get the Linux updates? I don't know how it will compete with K3b, it basically has most of the same features and the ones that aren't there are in other free linux burners or imbeded in free linux programs (DVD styler)

825.3.2005 4:06

In the first place, the lack of Mandrake support will be a showstopper and I question this tactic. Distro's like PCLinuxOS are gaining popularity daily and it would not suprise me to see PCLOS named as distro of the year. Being a fork of Mandrake, then NeroLinux would not be supported. I see this as an intentional ommission and can only question Nero's motives. Second, there have been three well constructed tests between k3b and NeroLinux and the results have been overwhelmingly in the kb3 corner. With licensing restrictions and a general clumsiness withing NeroLinux, I don't see a mass migration to another cd/dvd tool. k3b has a devoted following for good works superbly. Nero is shouldering their way into an environment where they probably are not wanted. As well, the arguement that windows users migrating to linux would be more comfortable with it does not stand. My 11 year old daughter uses kb3 exclusively. If she can figure it out, the average windows user shouldn't have any problem. Maybe I should have accentuated "shouldn't.

925.3.2005 4:10

In reference to my above post, forgive the mis-typing of would think a linux user could get that straight...;-)

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