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PSP modchip details

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 28 May 2006 22:47 User comments (62)

PSP modchip details PSP will receive the first Modchip which will hit the scene as "Undiluted Platinum" or the U.P.. The chip will act as a flash replacement and will allow the usage of earlier flash updates and custom firmware on the PSP. This allows users to run homebrew software without Sony pulling the plug with new updates. The modchip is also designed to fit inside the PSP, so no changes to the appearance.
Here are the specifications and details from the U.P. team for the Undiluted Platinum modchip:

The U.P. (Undiluted Platinum) is a flash replacement system for the PSP™ which allows the use of previous flash updates or custom firmware builds, opening up the possibility to run unsigned homebrew code on even the latest PSP systems. The U.P. contains 32MB NAND flash which is programmable from the PC via a high speed USB connection, using our user friendly software. You may boot the PSP from either its onboard flash or the flash contained on the U.P; the flash which is used is determined by a button press as the PSP is powered on (U.P. flash is used by default, hold L1 to use the PSP onboard flash). Since U.P. provides a secondary flash which the PSP can boot from, it can even be used to restore a PSP which has been "bricked". Every effort has been made to make our flash updater software, which will be freely available for download, both as easy to use and reliable as possible. The software also contains diagnostics which can be used by installers to determine if an installation has been successful or not.

The U.P. has been designed to minimize installation difficulty and effort. A FPC (flexible printed circuit) cable is included which routes the essential signals from the PSP motherboard to the U.P. main board and U.P. USB connector. Copper enamel wire is included, which will provide the connection between the FPC cable and the motherboard signal traces. The FPC cable also helps by reducing the mechanical stress placed on the solder points, making a U.P. modified PSP shock resistant which is important for handheld systems. Installation aids are included, and installation diagrams for all PSP hardware revisions will be available for download, together with flasher software application, from our reseller's websites. More about installation together with install pictures closer to release.

The FPC cable end to which the USB connector board attaches is routed into the battery compartment and sits above the battery. The battery cover can be replaced after flash updating and the cable remains safely in the compartment until the next update is required, whereupon the USB connector can be clipped in place within a few seconds. This means that the U.P. is completely contained within the PSP under normal usage and avoids any unsightly external modifications to your PSP. PSP is after all portable, let’s keep it that way!

In order to maximise the benefits that U.P. can provide its users, we have decided to take an open source approach with U.P and will be releasing source code for any software we release as well as full documentation for the U.P. hardware interface - including information on how to control U.P. from within PSP programs. This will allow anybody to create software which can take advantage of what U.P. has to offer. We have also sent a few prototype units away to some of the scene's best software hackers in order to give them a headstart at working on custom flash replacements - cant wait to see what people will come up with!


- Ultra reliable and feature rich Actel ProASIC Plus FPGA
- Full Speed USB 1.1 ASIC onboard
- Branded 32MB NAND flash onboard (same flash as used in PSP)
- Stable and reliable flashing software freely available for download
- Installation verification using flashing software
- Ultra compact four layer PCB
- High quality Japanese connectors
- USB cable included
- FPC cable included, reducing installation effort and improving shock resistance
- Copper enamel wire included
- Open platform development system for software developers
- Installation has been optimized to fit entirely inside PSP
- All PSP hardware versions/regions supported
- User updatable flash
- Low power consumption
- Flash select via button press
- Ultra compact PCB has been designed to avoid signal bounce

Package contents:


Suggested Retail price: 75 Euro's/ 90 US$


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62 user comments

128.5.2006 23:13

cool, But Im just going to save my money and get the next psp they come out with. But I have 1.5 if I had a 2.1 or up I would think about geting it That is cool as heck that it can restore a bricked PSP, I give it to the guy that made this It had to be a lot of work.

228.5.2006 23:17

cant wait until it surfaces and we have some testers, then if easy enough to install, ill buy this and probably splinter cell essentials.. hello online play!

328.5.2006 23:18

$90.. nevermind, ill wait until they drop in price when someone copies the chip hopefully.

429.5.2006 1:03

sounds preety :) but for me no head turner.

529.5.2006 2:16

Very interesting...but if you want to be running games off your memory stick then you gonna need a big one...which can be over $100+ so the modchip plus a big memory stick could set you back quite a lot!

629.5.2006 6:21

i think that the mod chip will be worth it

729.5.2006 6:51

Oh this is genius a real plus for homebrew on psp

829.5.2006 6:52

Is this legal? Because if it is, I will definitely buy two. F**k Sony, I'm going the cheap way. Good job guys.

929.5.2006 6:53

now i will consider buying a psp

1029.5.2006 9:37

I'm definitely getting this baby......

1129.5.2006 10:50

Bying a psp is now a possibility for me.. Although a more expensive one..

1229.5.2006 11:35

wheres the website for this modchip? this is the beggining of the thread to me

cool, But Im just going to save my money and get the next psp they come out with. But I have 1.5 if I had a 2.1...

1329.5.2006 12:56

LOL $90

1429.5.2006 13:05

i wonder how sony are going to respond, theyve just been screwed out of all their firmware update protection what will they do now?

1529.5.2006 13:27

yeah sony must be angry now. now that someones hacked the unhackable psp (which was nearly unhackable since it was so compacked). now for the xbox 360 thats going to be a challenge.

1629.5.2006 13:49

there again Andrew691, there bringing another diffrent new version of the psp out and most pople will go for that so maby sony wont care about the old psp, more people wil go for the new one becauseit has new features and only costs £100 compared to the old psp which was £180. so unless we find a new mod chip for the new psp sony probaly wont care.

1729.5.2006 13:57

ITs a great hit in the PSp forums right now. Were expecting a lot of havoc. Its good news for people who want the same features of 2.7 and yet still play their iso. :)

1829.5.2006 14:53

silly me got my psp for xmas, and i updated it strait away because i didnt kno about the hack. im just wondering , some psp games make sure yoru running the latest version of the psp system so how can you play the haked ones on a 1.5 system if it wants you to upgrade?

1929.5.2006 15:06

Sometimes known as the "x" folder or you can update your flash folders. Just visit us at the PSP forums. :0)

2029.5.2006 15:09

oh ok, and in the 'x' folder, is that where the game looks to see what psp system is needed for it to run?

2129.5.2006 15:11

More or less. The Loader which is running the file, puts forward the folder contiang the firmware upadte, so the game doesnt ask for a update.

2229.5.2006 15:20

oh ok coo thanks for that. iv got a 2.7 psp unluckly, but is there any emulators out there for a computer to run psp games?

2329.5.2006 15:25

Mate why dont you just wait for the mod-chip??? It will work on your 2.7.

2429.5.2006 15:42

That's great, I'm looking forward to it: )

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2529.5.2006 18:35

i'll prob. buy it have my mom get it because i don't have any money to buy it.

2629.5.2006 18:51

So how do you open your psp and instaill modchip?

2729.5.2006 22:22

This is nice...90$ thats worth it but i still dont have he $$$ to repair my psp. It can fix a firmware messed up psp but hope ts easy to solder in or some ppl new at modding will break it more instead fixing it. Soldering ps2 is hard just hope its simple to solder in like the gamecube. Or solderless yea if it is then im getting it for sure ...after getting some $$$ of corse

2830.5.2006 2:09

no online play!!! did every one forget sony has placed dnas on firmware versions 2.00 and up so you still are screwed if you want to run online because the backup wont work online because of dnas but this opens the doors to linux or unix or running mac os x on a psp

2930.5.2006 8:26

dnas isnt on the earlier verions is it so you can 'unbrick' your psp and downgrade to 1.5 then you can play online cant you? and how many wires is needed to solder this mod chip? is it easy?

3031.5.2006 19:42

Since there will be no risk of bricking a psp, hopefully there will be hybrid custom firmwares that let us play isos on 2.0+ firmware.

311.6.2006 1:34

yeah , somehow i think im the only one speaking in this thread anymore, no ones has done a reply (apart from you kline958) for like a week now.

321.6.2006 18:28

where can you find one of these mod chips?

332.6.2006 2:04

good point are they even for sale yet? oviouslly pepople are going to insall it with a litle extraa cost

352.6.2006 14:03

how can u trust a random website like that one?

362.6.2006 14:10

Ask other people about it. It's not a random site.

373.6.2006 17:07

I posted "Since there will be no risk of bricking a psp, hopefully there will be hybrid custom firmwares that let us play isos on 2.0+ firmware." Now it seems like that's true :D The Epsilon firmware will allow people to play isos on 2.71 firmware, but the modchip is required to install the firmware. No loaders will be needed, just a umd emulator type thing which will be built in.

383.6.2006 17:37

cool, so will you be abl to 'unbrick' your 2.7 psp and make it play pirate gamesiso's even when the psp's modchips off? and will you be able to play onnline?

393.6.2006 19:46

wifi should work fine, but I think some umds have "serials" encoded in them, not too sure about it, so the ones in common ISOs would be blacklisted, but maybe a keygen and patch of an ISO would work. With my 1.5 psp, fifa works online, need for speed most wanted 5-1-0 works online, and ad-hoc will work online with the new cracked firmware + modchip. There aren't that many infrastructure games anyway, that I know of at least. You could always use kai or xbconnect to tunnel an adhoc connection.

403.6.2006 21:00

I just did an advance purchase but not from the company listed above. They are suppose to have them in by the end of this coming week. I think for $90 including shipping its a great price to be able to play whatever i want.

414.6.2006 3:11

cool, ringwar when you get the modchip can you tell us some extra info about if.

424.6.2006 4:59

That I will. I just don't know how much software will be available right off the bat. but at least i'll be able to run 1.5 again.

4310.6.2006 11:21

see i have a 2.71 PSP and i think i like the idea of being able to use homebrew and other programs on the PSP. At the moment i dont have the $90 but when i do i will buy a U.P.

4410.6.2006 11:22

A question. Do u think the instalation of the Mod Chip will be hard to install or moderatly easy?

4510.6.2006 14:13

well iv being asking that for weeks with NO REPLY!!!! i wanna know how many wires aswell.

4610.6.2006 15:43

I've heard 13 wires.

4710.6.2006 17:49

lol,Don't expect to install this without some work, as there will be "23-24 wires to install."

4811.6.2006 1:31

i dont even know if i will get thi modchip, seems ver easy to stuff your psp up if you slder 1 wire wrong. plus he price is very expencive so id wait for iit to go down a bit.

4928.6.2006 1:55

Hi guys i Finally got the modchip......

5028.6.2006 5:08

how is it? does it allow you to play isos and all?

Game Freak

5128.6.2006 13:00

lol i didn't install it yet because it looks way to hard to do alone.

5228.6.2006 15:09

It is too hard to do alone, you should definitely get a professional to do it.

5328.6.2006 16:32

I know its just way too hard...

5428.6.2006 20:18

My brother just got his today, if all goes well, ill try to post the results:)

5528.6.2006 21:21

svtstang.....ok thanx alot....and tell me if he's good with the solder part cause seriously that is the only problem.....

561.7.2006 2:55

Well Everyone I Don't Have A PSP But I Am Pretty Much Watching The scene i wanted to help you so i made a search on some forums and i found that this is a good device link :;jsessionid=a... as far as i understood u could put a laptop hdd in it with all what u want and copy them to the memory stick when u need them and however i am interested in getting a psp now since the modchip is out and i can unbrick a psp , so i'll get a **cheap** broken one via Egay and solder the chip myself then unbrick it hehe

571.7.2006 16:01

Thanx Retro_rc..... That is great, the only thing is that i had one of those for the PSP before and it worked the same way you said it would work with the modchip inside. I think that you will be able to put iso's on a device like that and load it from that device instead of the memstick.....HOPEFULLY....

581.7.2006 18:46

@exsean Have you tried the new 2.5/2.6 downgrade yet? I only recommend it if you have a psp that has been updated to eather of firmwares, but latest version is producing a very high success rate of downgrades, and if anything does go wrong, you call always use your chip to fix it. The exploit is everywhere, but you have to have access to a UMD of GTA LCS for it to work.

591.7.2006 21:07

Hey svtstang... I wanted to try it soo bad but, both my PSP's are Bricked and even though I have the UP i still don't want to take that chance. But thanks for the update man and if you are interested i know alot of hacks just email me at SEANG172002@GOOGLE.COM.

602.7.2006 0:21

Sorry Guys Didn't Catch Your replays i was away 4 a while first of all u r not supposed to load the isos of that thing but put the mem inside it and delete an iso on the mem and put a new one from the hdd as for your bricked psp i rekon that u get the old gta-lcs with firmware 2.0 on the umd and try and load it maybe u'll luckily get the firmware installed (2.0) and you r off to a new start also i need help finding a bricked psp didn't meet any on ebay but my searching time was very limited so i'll be happy if u give the link to one thats bricked if u stumble across any<> actually all i find are ones with broken screens how much does the screen cost?? if i get a new one hopefully i'll release a video of the soldering process, which i overlooked and found that those solder aid boards could be really helpful (are they shipped with the chip)

614.7.2006 14:55

Screens cost about $60-$70, I've gotten one for a broken psp of mine before, it wasn't hard - just be careful not to scratch the backlight when you're seperating the old lcd and the backlight. Also, if you have a bricked you can't even start up a umd.

629.12.2006 19:38

Im buying a PSP soon and was wondering: Should i crack my firmware and downgrade to 1.5, then use 2.71SE-C OR Should i spend the extra money and get a PSP with Undiluted Platinum pre-installed?

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