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PSP 2.81 patch out

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 08 Sep 2006 0:07 User comments (13)

PSP 2.81 patch out Sony released a new v2.81 patch for its handheld PlayStation Portable. The patch addresses security and memory card issues and does not require v2.80 firmware. The patch is available in Europe, Japan, and the US.
Only a month after previous major patch release, v2.81 software version includes support for Memory Stick PRO Duo memory cards that exceed 4GB in capacity, AAC files with the .3gp file extension and video and image content download from RSS. The update includes also minor Network and Settings tweaks. To see the patch details go to PSP System Update.

A demo of World Tour Soccer 06 has been made available for download.

EDIT: There are currently no Memory Stick PRO Duo memory cards larger than 4GB on the market, so the fix is merely a preventative measure and doesn't affect any users at this time.


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13 user comments

18.9.2006 2:15

because they have officially hacked 2.8 now this lmao like we all said before sony let us do our thing!

28.9.2006 6:57

I hope this isn't just another attempt to stop downgrading, pretty much no matter what they do in the end somehow there is more than likey to be a hack for it. I wonder how long it will be until this version is hacked?

38.9.2006 8:23

as long as rules exist, someone will be there to rebel against them. every time they come out with an upgrade, someone will come out with a downgrade.

48.9.2006 11:42

Nothing in technolgy is "un-hackable" I come to think of it as FACT

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58.9.2006 15:56

Give up sony. no one is stupid enough to upgrade anymore.

69.9.2006 10:19

LOL now that they saw we hacked 2.8 they came out with a stupid reason to release 2.81, which will be even harder to hack!!!P.S. now that they found a 2.8 exploit, when the fu! will they make something with it

79.9.2006 20:47

there are more people hacking then trying to stop the hackers.. christ jsut give up sony! we bought your hardware we shouldnt have to pay for games and all that other bull. its ours now!

810.9.2006 1:36

Here you may find some usefull information: Forums:

910.9.2006 8:13

Thats so fucking lame

1010.9.2006 10:27

D please relax with the language. Now, I just heard that when sony releases Firmware 3.0, they say " IT CANNO BE DOWNGRADED " but it there is a possibility it would be able to have homebrew. Another thing, will it really have the PSONE emulator or are they just trying to trick us " AGAIN " ?

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1110.9.2006 17:58

I thoughed the 8 GB card were out in JAP

1212.9.2006 11:44

creaky got me, i'm such a tool

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136.10.2006 16:00

when did they hack 2.8?!! a downgrade for 2.8?

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