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AfterDawn's summer contest winners

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 18 Aug 2006 2:39 User comments (22)

AfterDawn's summer contest winners As some of you remember, we had a slogan competition running over this summer that ended two weeks ago. After a careful selection process that included voodoo, pieces of paper with people's nicks written on them and other highly scientific methods, we're proud to announce the lucky winners of the contest.
  • joeroni - The software bundle from VSO Software
  • neuronox - The software bundle from Slysoft
  • rav009 - Dance mat for PS2 or Xbox, donated by Polarpanda
  • vlosrd - Dance mat for PS2 or Xbox, donated by Polarpanda
  • Taminar - T-shirt from Syswear
  • pkaksp - T-shirt from Syswear
  • ps2source - T-shirt from Syswear

We received almost 1,500 suggestions for our new slogan. The winners are among the top ten best slogans submitted. We haven't yet been able to decide which one we will be our official slogan in the future, but you will be informed once we have finally made up our minds.

Thank you everybody who participated in our summer contest!

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22 user comments

118.8.2006 3:51

Excellent turn out guys and gals, great to see that heaps of people had a go. Big well done to the top 6, should be interesting to see how the slogan turns out, sure it will be great though. Anyhow just thought i would say congrats to all who entered and a big pat on the back to the rest of us that won. Have a good one vlosrd

218.8.2006 4:24

Whoo hoo!! What a turn out, you know this is probably the first contest I have won. And it was through AfterDawn, its not so much what has been won, its just the fact I know its from aD :-D I couldn't be any happier with this website this month, the game forums are getting worked on, a certain member is back and my slogan was made it into the top ten :-D Congratz to all!

318.8.2006 4:38

aww, it doesn't tell u the top 10 slogans

418.8.2006 4:42

Congrats to the winners!

518.8.2006 4:47

This is awsome news and its great to see a familar face like Rav make it into the big time. Congrats mate and to the others too well done and may the best slogan win :)

618.8.2006 5:37

I guess only the winners will know the winning slogans. Unless they forgot what their slogan was (like I did).

718.8.2006 7:23

T-shirt, cool :-)

819.8.2006 13:05

congrats to the winners!!! good work

919.8.2006 22:51

So what are the winning slogans?

If I always hear voices surrounding me, does it mean Im crazy or that I hear in Dolby 5.1?

1019.8.2006 23:05

shhhh .... Its a secret, plus i submitted several so as to which one i won the prize for is anyones guess. I am rather curious though. I suspect the winning slogans will be unveiled once the big guns have made a decision.

ps2 slimline scph-70002

1123.8.2006 2:34

rav009 we have been trying to get in touch with you with no luck. Can you please PM or e-mail me your address so we can post your prise to you. Thanks Katariina Admin

1228.8.2006 7:11

YAY i won!


I got my T-Shirt

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Ejeet Networks MMO Gaming Solutions

1329.8.2006 3:24

Just got my dance mat today, Its freakin AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thanks again AfterDawn and PolarPanda for the prize. Gota go, i got a date with Dance Dance Megamix and my new Dance Mat. Keep it cool Guys and Gals.

1429.8.2006 9:27


PM'd you, been doing family stuff :-)

Yours Truly; Rav
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1510.9.2006 17:04

I enjoyed picking out my t-shirt, which I received in the mail on Friday afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing which slogan is the ultimate winner!

1619.9.2006 17:03

Ey I WON ! I new when the slogan popped into my head it was a good one. It just so happens that I just bought a new DVD Burner. I would have posted earlier but I was out of comission for almost a month. Thanks AfterDawn and VSO. What a great bundle of software ! Will be well used.

1718.10.2006 3:47

So where do we see the new slogan ? Have I missed something ?

1815.11.2006 2:23

Every time I look at AD I'm expecting to see that new slogan. What's going on ? Can we at least see the winning entries ? Am I the only one interested in this ?

1915.11.2006 3:10

NO i dont believe you are the only one interested, i too wish to see what the competion had come up with and are dead keen to see our creative fruits come to light.

Come on afterdawn, wheres the new slogan at.

The people want to know, after all its the people that make afterdawn the groovy place to be.

Come on pleasssse.

ps2 slimline scph-70002

204.1.2007 2:24

Ok - this has gone on long enough. Can someone please tell me if we are ever going to see this new slogan ? If not, then at least show us the winning entries.

214.1.2007 3:52

Originally posted by ricster:
Ok - this has gone on long enough. Can someone please tell me if we are ever going to see this new slogan ? If not, then at least show us the winning entries.

Yes please. when are we going to find out anymore?
Maybe someone can PM a Mod and find out when we get to see some results

ps2 slimline scph-70002

224.1.2007 5:30

Yeah, if they're not going to use any of the logos, as it appears they're not, what would be the harm in listing all the winners?

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