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SlySoft updates AnyDVD, offers discount

Written by Jari Ketola @ 09 Oct 2006 4:22 User comments (21)

SlySoft updates AnyDVD, offers discount SlySoft has updated it's popular AnyDVD anti-DRM tool (see change log below), and is offering a discount to all users. The discount is valid on purchases of any SlySoft products; either a single product or a product bundle. In addition to AnyDVD, the discount applies to DVD backup software CloneDVD, CD backup software CloneCD, and CloneDVD Mobile, which encodes video for iPod, PSP, Zen Vision etc.
The promotion code and discount details are pretty much the same as always, but it is important to repeat them each time. The discount for AfterDawn users can be obtained by entering code "afterdawn" (without quotes) to the promotion code field in the check-out page. The discount will expire on 31st of October, 2006. Discount applies to all SlySoft products, at these rates:
  • single license (normal price: 39$) - discount: 5.00 US$
  • 2 license bundle (59$) - discount: 10.00 US$
  • 3 license bundle (78$) - discount: 15.00 US$
  • 4 license bundle (95$) - discount: 20.00 US$
So, by purchasing all four SlySoft's products (CloneDVD, AnyDVD, CloneDVD mobile and CloneCD), you save $20.

AnyDVD v6.0.8.0, 2006-10-08 changes:
  • New: Added support for the "Protect DVD-Video" copy protection to the option to remove "Protection based on unreadable Sectors"
  • New: UDF filesystem patch. With the help of AnyDVD DVDs protected with "Protect DVD-Video" can now be played on Windows MCE 2005, with Windows Media player or Zoom Player. Without AnyDVD these DVDs will not play correctly on PCs.
  • New: Added fix for DVDs with wrong title set search tables. These DVDs caused CloneDVD / CloneDVD mobile to skip parts of the movie. We are not sure if this is the lame attempt of a copy protection, or an unintentional mastering error.
  • New: Improved support for the FluxDVD protection found on DVDs created from downloads from CinemaNow (needs CloneCD, CloneDVD or better or CloneDVD mobile or better to make a copy)
  • New: Added support for new versions of the SONY Arccos protection to the option to remove "Protection based on unreadable Sectors"
  • New: Added check to the "Jump directly to Tile Menu" function, so the player won't deadlock
  • Fix: Title sets with program chains without programs/cells caused AnyDVD to crash
  • Some minor fixes and improvements

The update is free for all registered customers, of course.
Just install the new version on top of your current version,
regardless which version you have installed:

More information: SlySoft

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21 user comments

19.10.2006 7:12

This is the only software I have purchased since the year 2000. Really useful to anyone that values fair use.

29.10.2006 8:07

Freakin' awesome softy. Great work SS!

39.10.2006 19:34

I love AnyDVD money well spent..If you dont have it you need to get it now!!!!!

49.10.2006 20:23

80 bucks for the anydvd/clonedvd pack, arent true open media trading advocates against profiting from piracy? asking 80 is a lot more greedy then giving out freeware and then asking for 5 buck donations.

510.10.2006 9:42

Anydvd is fantastic I have used it since it first came out and it only gets better. Slysofts tech support is good as well, problems addressed by the next day in my experience I have,Clone dvd,Clone cd, and I use the Clone virtual drive. Keep up the good work "Slysoft"

610.10.2006 9:52

@georgeluv........ i don't know what point your trying to make with your post?.................... just my 2 cents................. i'm a proud owner of AnyDVD,CloneDvd2,CloneCD $$well spent........haven't been let down maybe once or twice in the last couple of years haven't really needed their support either never had any problems so far.......... easiest and best programs out right now gday to you................

710.10.2006 18:24

the point im trying to make is that its hypoicritical for slysoft to sell its own product, especialy for such a high price, when the product itself is used 99% of the time to steal movies (dont give me that "i use it to backup my own movies" BS, we all know why we aquired this software: hello hollywood video unlimited pass!). ether slysoft doesnt care that people crack AnyDVD and they just want to get as much money as possible (unlikely, seems the almost weekly repacks of their software is more to prevent cracking than to update itself) or more likely: they are looking to make a heap of money off of helping people avoid paying heaps of money to another company. they help you steal loads of stuff from other comapnys, yet expect you to not steal from them.

810.10.2006 23:22

whilke it is most likely true that some users do use this software to steal, this could be said of most anything. Cars, guns, knives, cans of corn, exacto knives, fists, steel pipes, rocks, glass ad infinitum. However SOME people actually are interested in such things as putting all of their purchased media upon a media server and serve it through their homes. Some people like the idea that they can skip the adverts on movies which they paid for. Some people like the protection it gives them from putting such crap as Sony (and others!) rootkits and gardbage playware on their pc's whenever they pop a CD or a DVD in their computer ROM. And yes, some people like to use it to rip movies that they paid to rent and either didn't get to see before the return date or even just steal them and add them to a video library. On the one hand this would be nothing more than Yahoo and other subscription music services do anyways. As long as they continue their movie pass they are entitled to watch whatever is available at the store. If having it on the PC saves them a trip and they continue to pay the fees not hurting anyone. In fact it's actually making blockbuster MORE money due top the fact that they can rent the non needed DVD to another customer! But basically there are a TON of LEGIT uses and lots of people who use this software for those legit uses.

910.10.2006 23:23

sorry for typos its late and im sleep typing lol

1011.10.2006 1:43

This is the best program out there for any DVD Backing up period forget the rest. :)

1111.10.2006 8:31

This is my first time using this section, so if is not the place this . Im sorry. Has any body tried to rip the movie Clik. I can't seem to do it. I've tried to use dvddycripter with AnyDVD, and dvddycrypter with rip1t4me, and it will not do it. this is the first time I've had this happen. Does any bobdy have any ideas

1211.10.2006 11:49

Give it a week, then try and rip it.

1311.10.2006 12:08

Hi davlyn1 Unfortuatly DVD Decrypter is not current for today's protection on dvds, a brill prog but out of date, you need to try "DVD Fab decrypter" which is a free prog!! download from, DVD IDLE .COM

1414.10.2006 17:07

No problems using AnyDVD and DVD Shrink to archive "Click".

1515.10.2006 7:57

This product and its companion product CloneDVD are absolutely a great duo for backing up your precious DVD movies. I have purchased both of these as well as CDClone and am extremely pleased. I am notified of all updates as soon as they occur and as of this date have not had one DVD that it didn't back up.

1615.10.2006 18:56

Best backup tool I have ever used!! Well worth the cost! One or two kid destroyed DVD's make this well worth it!

1715.10.2006 20:28

the best piece of software i ever bought. and i dont buy any!!! just don't leave home without it

1816.10.2006 5:14

I have no problem with any movie i copy,AnyDVD, Dvd Shrink,DVD Decrypter,ImgBurn,using Verbatim dvd-r at 4x's write speed!!! Thanks'Afterdawn for the great post & to all of the members!!!

1916.10.2006 9:13

I used the trial software some time ago and I was very impressed. But I'm hesitant to throw out my credit card on the net. Wish they'd accept Paypal. :(

2017.10.2006 15:28

One can worry to use a credit card if it is in answer to the junk and fake email stuff we all get. Ebay, PayPal and other junk that want us to hand out our info. Yes beware of the scammers. But any company openly operating as SlySoft, Nero, Adobe and Macromedia with sells in mega bucks I think we can feel safe enough to use a credit card. You must think on this...all of your credit cards are computerized info at all times, somewhere. So as the internet is only one place it can be unsafe, it really is unsafe anyway, at all times. As long as it is on a computer somewher, anywhere, it can be at some risk. Think on the people in Sears and all department stores. You have one of their cards? We just have faith they are hireing honest people. More info is hacked into with progs put on our own PCs from the internet than from our using our info on the net wisely with credit cards.

2117.10.2006 16:49

Have you made other credit card purchases on the net?
If you are concerned open a special account for the net
and request a low credit limit (you'll feel more comfortable).

I would do the same with paypal use the limited card, you can always
close the account.

Many people have made purchases from Slysoft, and you can see by going
to their web site it updated quite often.

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