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HDMI article added to guide section

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 26 Oct 2006 22:13 User comments (7)

HDMI article added to guide section Some users find themselves reading our news and forums and constantly hearing about "HDMI" - whether it's talk of home theater systems, the downsides of HD copy protection restrictions or whether or not a device has HDMI outputs/inputs, and many of these users have no idea what it is or want to find out more. Feedback and content suggestions made directly to AfterDawn have told us this.
To help, we have added an article all about High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) to our guide section. We consider it to cover HDMI thoroughly and plan to keep it updated along with quite a lot more HD-related articles and content we will publish within the next few days/weeks.

In it we cover HDMI's capabilities, its benefits over alternatives, its "intelligent" features, its content protection (HDCP), industry support etc. Of course, users are encouraged to send me a private message if you should run in to any errors or spelling mistakes etc. I also welcome helpful feedback (like if you think there is something that could be covered more thoroughly).

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7 user comments

129.10.2006 1:05

Interesting little guide you guys have created. I have bookmarked it and will get around to reading it some time in the future. Nice work. :)

230.10.2006 6:28

Thanks, I pretty much new already what it meant but reading the small details and technicalities was nice.

330.10.2006 8:31

Just wondering if anyone might know - Would it be possible to create an HDMI hub? Kinda' like a USB hub? I ask because I've noticed some TV's have 2 HDMI inputs and others only 1. It would be nice to have two components plugged in so you don't have to manually pull a plug each time you want to change a component. Any ideas on how that is handled?

430.10.2006 9:19

From what I can fathom, the best way to do the hub thing you are asking about will be to use a receiver with many HDMI inputs and use the source selection you will then be able to have all the surround sound as well. You will only need 1 inputon the TV/Monitor. This will be what you are looking for a "distribution" point.

Hope this helps.


He who knows little

531.10.2006 6:49

Thanks, Thanks, Molder. What receivers have you seen that have several HDMI inputs? Anyone have recommendations and simple specs?

631.10.2006 23:16

Harmon Kardon Started adding them recently, the AVR 245 and 445 have 2 HDMI ports but are switched only. The Avr 645 will actually process the digital audio signal eliminated the need for a second digital audio cable to the reciever. Then thay have added the AVR 745 which will use the audio and upconvert everything to 720p or 1080i really giving you the opportunity to only need 1 Cable to yout TV. These are quite pricey though but well worth the money. The 645 msrp is about 1499 us but you can find it online for 800 us and the 745 msrp at 3400 us but I have seen it fir 1700 online. All HK recievers are great high current recievers so don't be fooled by the low wattage rating.

71.11.2006 0:15

I have previously heard everthing that jcur31 says, with the exception of brand names, I'm in Australia and we seem to get most things at twice the price and 6 months after everyone else. LOL


He who knows little

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