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Reminder: SlySoft offer expires October 31st

Written by Jari Ketola @ 27 Oct 2006 6:01 User comments (21)

Reminder: SlySoft offer expires October 31st Since we get a lot of questions regarding the SlySoft promotions, we decided to remind you that the current discount offer expires next Tuesday, October the 31st. If you want to take advantage of the discount, please read the details below.
The discount amount is based on the number of products purchased.
Number of products - Coupon Value
Single License (39$) - 5.00 US$
2 License Bundle (59$) - 10.00 US$
3 License Bundle (78$) - 15.00 US$
4 License Bundle (95$) - 20.00 US$
For example, if you were to purchase AnyDVD, CloneCD and CloneDVD, that would be a 3 license bundle (three products) and you would receive a $15 discount. So the price would be $63 instead of the usual $78. If you buy all four products offered by SlySoft you will receive a $20 discount, bringing the price to just $75.

Remember to use the promotion code afterdawn while purchasing the software. If you forget it, you won't receive any discounts.

To buy any of SlySoft's products and take advantage of this excellent offer, go to:

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21 user comments

127.10.2006 11:21

I have Nero -and Ulead- (both last years' editions)I am definetly getting AnyDVD and CloneDVD but wonder if I really need CLONECD..Any thoughts?

227.10.2006 12:18

CloneCD is really only for Games, if you need to make back-ups of your games that is the best program. AnyDVD and CloneDVD are the best way to go for movies!

327.10.2006 12:57

Agreed. Thanks for the advice.

427.10.2006 17:05

AnyDvD and CloneDVD can't go wrong worth every penny

527.10.2006 18:03

I have been using the trial version so far and have absolutely no complaints. Products are awesome. I am registering it tomorrow... I will of course use the Afterdawn coupons! Thanks Afterdawn!!!

627.10.2006 20:23

If you need something for games, get Alcohol 120%, not CloneCD

727.10.2006 20:33

I read that clone cd is for backing up games. Can it back-up sony playstation 2 games? If so can you send me detail on how to?

828.10.2006 7:22

AnyDvd is great, simply because theres no configuration!

928.10.2006 9:51

ChubbyInk, I belive Clone CD mostly is ment 2 copy Music CDs but it can also copy most Game CDs.

1028.10.2006 19:03

To back up ps2 games simply open up "DVD DECRYPTOR" and go to where it reads,"MODE!" Under mode make sure you set it to "ISO READ." Then pop in your game. Finally just tell it where to send it to on your computer and hit decrypt. Then burn the iso. Simple as that. If you want to play online with your back up just contact me. I can tell you more.

1128.10.2006 21:26

CloneCD isn't really a must have you can do games with DVD Decrypter or Alcohol 120% as said and to do copy protected CDs AnyDVD will handle that fine and you can burn with nero

1228.10.2006 22:23

So true aabbccdd but its very very simple 2 use just 2 mouseclicks and then wait a few minutes for a good copy with all decryption removed 4ever. But maybe it is a little to expensive today but i love it anyway

1328.10.2006 22:32

if your going to backup (burn) alot of CDs its would be worth it for sure at 63 dollars for all three

1429.10.2006 7:27

I can say that the price maybe is a little high but Slysoft has never failed me, and the support is outstanding if you have any questions about copying anything from one disc to another. (I hope you can understand my bad english spelling)

1530.10.2006 11:13

Guess I'll be waiting for Dr. PC Putte's release on bittorrent :-)

1630.10.2006 13:25

Do they sell their product to Canadians and support them? Do you have to buy new product every year like with Nero or do they update you for a while?

1730.10.2006 22:41

I got this info on slysofts homepage. // Buy license key spacer When you purchase one of our products you will receive the following: * A registration key that prevents the trial version from expiring after 21 days. * Technical support for one year * Free lifetime updates Important Note Our products are sold as 'try-before-you-buy'. You can try them free for 21 days in order to evaluate the software and the functions before you purchase. SlySoft Inc. does not refund your money if you are not satisfied with our products, so please take your time with the evaluation. // And I have never heard that any country citisens dosnt have the right to buy and use their product.But U can always ask at the homepage by click on contact slysoft button ! I have used slysoft & Elby products for at least 5 years and updated them every week whith no extra costs .

1812.11.2006 19:28

That's no sh*$, Slysoft stands behind what they make. have used them (AnyDVD & anycd) fo 3+ yrs. no probl, no questions, and no doubts & all free updates

Birds fly, coasters don't

1914.11.2006 11:48

Just spend the money and buy the software and you will not be dissapointed.

2014.11.2006 13:23

But as U all hopefully know/understand ! If U have a cracked or a pirate version the support and the updates will not be as great as U wish them 2 be.
(I hope my English is possible 2 read)

2115.11.2006 17:52

That pretty much goes without sayin, if you want to pirat a good proggie like AnyDVD, good luck on function. They are hand in hand with the MAN, they know when you sleep, and they know if your telling lies. So be good and do it right!!

Birds fly, coasters don't

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