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SlySoft has new prices, new discount offer

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Jan 2007 4:35 User comments (6)

SlySoft has new prices, new discount offer SlySoft, the company behind the mega-popular anti-DRM tool AnyDVD, has upped the single license price of the software to $49.00. The company explains that the price hike is due to significant development expenses in adapting Windows Vista. Current versions of all their products provide full compatibility for Windows Vista and Windows Vista 64.
The discount can be gotten by using the coupon code "vista" (without quotes) while purchasing software from SlySoft's site. The discount depends on the number of licenses you will be purchasing, the values are...

  • single license - discount: 5.00 US$
  • 2 license bundle - discount: 10.00 US$
  • 3 license bundle - discount: 15.00 US$
  • 4 license bundle - discount: 20.00 US$
SlySoft charges $85 for a license bundle of "AnyDVD + CloneDVD + CloneDVD mobile". By using the coupon you get a $15 discount off the price for buying 3 licenses, so you will be charged $70. All four products bought with the coupon costs $79 ($99 regularly).

So remember, to avail of the offer, you must enter the coupon code vista while purchasing the item(s) through SlySoft's website. This offer will close on January 15th.

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6 user comments

13.1.2007 12:50

My question is if we type in vista can we still use them on XP??

23.1.2007 15:29

vista is just the code... i bet its not even compatable with vista...

36.1.2007 17:59

I like their DVD copy program but I have a slight problem giving all of my credit card information to a company in Ireland. I did this once before with another company and it cost $5000 buck. They don't except Paypal or mail orders. That sets alarm bells ringing for me.

46.1.2007 22:16

Slysoft products are compatible with all versions of Windows including Vista and Vista 64. If you look in the history of each product you will see when the updates and changes occurred.


I have purchased from Slysoft several times. Straight forward transactions on a secure site. The Slysoft team are regulars at CDFreaks and take the concerns of their customers very seriously.

57.1.2007 12:05

I have a better idea: let people who buy Vista (puke) pay for those "significant development expenses in adapting Windows Vista". I still run W2KP on this machine (my favorite) and XPP on my backup system.

67.1.2007 16:40

The Slysoft offer is for those that haven't yet purchased, thus the modest price increase on AnyDVD.

Unfortunately people buying new ready-made computers in the future won't have a choice as "Vista whatever" will be installed. People building their own will.

Our new laptop came with a free Vista upgrade offer. I sent for my discs but will let them collect dust until the time is right or perhaps never. Did the same with the free XP-SP2 upgrade disc.

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