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LimeWire, PowerDVD, Skype and CCleaner updated

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 17 May 2007 8:19 User comments (2)

LimeWire, PowerDVD, Skype and CCleaner updated Among the software updated on and today are four popular downloads, LimeWire Basic (Windows, Linux and MacOSX), PowerDVD, Skype and CCleaner. The Windows, Linux and MacOSX versions of the popular P2P client LimeWire account for almost 40,000 downloads from AfterDawn servers. In it's time on our servers, CyberLink's DVD playing software PowerDVD has clocked up an impressive 319,408 downloads.
Over on, AfterDawn's sister site dedicated to software downloads, CCleaner, a freeware system optimization and privacy tool that removes unused and temporary files from your computer, as well as erasing your Internet activity tracks and fixing problems with the Windows registry, is becoming increasingly popular now with 55,175 downloads from Filepedia's server. The mega-popular net voice call software that uses P2P technology to provide low bandwidth usage combined with high audio quality has been download from Filepedia 117,306 times.

LimeWire Basic v4.13.4 Beta
  • Fixed storing Mojito DHT routing tables between session.
  • Updated Mojito DHT to be more resilient in the face of hostile nodes in a subnet.
  • Workaround freezing network activity in earlier versions of Java.
  • Fixed BitTorrent to again work with HTTP/SOCKS proxies.
  • Fixed FW-FW transfers to work with old BearShare clients.
  • Updated hostile detection for connecting to hosts.
  • Fixed potential problem with requesting invalid files from malicious query replies.
Download LimeWire Basic v4.13.4 Beta for Windows from:

Download LimeWire Basic for Linux v4.13.4 Beta from:

Download LimeWire Basic for MacOSX v4.13.4 Beta from:

PowerDVD v7.0.2911

Download PowerDVD Trial v7.0.2911 for Windows from:

CCleaner v1.40.520
  • Fixed problem with Vista UAC compatibility.
  • Fixed bug in Secure Delete when emptying Recycle Bin.
  • Fixed bug in Secure Delete with 0 byte files.
  • Fixed bug in Uninstall Tool with non-standard entries.
  • Resource file loading optimizations.
  • Updated Windows Live toolbar cleaning.
  • Added Bulgarian translation.
  • Updated several translations.
  • Updated installer engine.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Download CCleaner v1.40.520 for Win2k/XP from:

Skype v3.2.0.148
  • bugfix: Options has compatibility issues with screen readers
  • bugfix: Upgrading from Skype did not work
  • bugfix: No voice heard on some services
Download Skype v3.2.0.148 for Win2k/XP from:

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2 user comments

117.5.2007 20:20

I thought Limewire was out and Frostwire took over. I guess i was wrong i may go back to limewire and still use torrents to :)

219.5.2007 8:17

Ccleaner is a great prog. The continued update and support is really impressive.

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