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DVDFab releases Blu-ray 3D-to-3D video ripper

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Nov 2010 0:30 User comments (8)

DVDFab releases Blu-ray 3D-to-3D video ripper DVDFab has released the first Blu-ray 3D-to-3D video ripper today, making the software available for $50.
Making the software more notable is the fact that it will not require any other utility to tip or convert the video.

The company says the software can do the following:

-Rip any Blu-ray 3D to 3D video. Blu-ray 3D Ripper can remove all known AACS copy protections, all known BD+ copy protections including newest 3D BD+, region code, BD-Live, UOPs, MKB V18 and MKB V19, so any Blu-ray 3D content can be ripped. And the output 3D video can be AVI, MP4, WMV, or MKV, and can be played on 3D display devices.

-Support side-by-side 3D. Blu-ray 3D Ripper supports side-by-side 3D format -- a current popular format for 3D content transmission, which has been already used by some cable TV providers.
3D type can be left/right or top/bottom, 50% or 100%. The 3D type can be left/right (side by side) or top/bottom to meet different requirements from different display devices; and the video frame size can be full (100%) or half (50%) according to your specific need.

-Output 1080p video or 720p video. For original 1080p video, the output can be 1080p, or converted to 720p, the choice is yours.

-Free decoder supports H.264 MVC completely. Blu-ray 3D Ripper supports H.264 MVC standard completely, and especially designed a corresponding decoder offered to users for free. No need to pay for any H.264 MVC decoder on the market.

-Freely edit and customize. You can set video and audio format such as bit rate, frame resolution, aspect ratio, volume size, etc.; select your favorite audio and subpicture streams; crop active video region manually or automatically; remove black bars that may be present on your display device; and so on.

-Fast processing speed. It supports batch conversion, multi-core CPUs, and the newest NVIDIA CUDA technology, so a super fast speed is totally ensured.

-Convenient and useful functions available. All supported profiles are preset and optimized for you to just click to choose; real-time title preview function helps you set audio and subpicture streams, and video effect, while avoiding any mistake.

-Converting progress can be followed with detailed information and corresponding pictures. It's normal that you can check information about converting progress with accurate data. What's particular is that, you can view the progress vividly with pictures from the 3D content which change with different processing stages.
Automatically shut down the PC when done. You can enable the auto shut down function during the converting process then leave, and after everything is completed, the computer will automatically shut down.

DVDFab Blu-ray 3D Ripper offers the software for $50, available today.

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8 user comments

124.11.2010 5:27

If there is no M2TS support, then I am not interested. This is the easiest and best quality output they could have had...and they ignored it! Crapware.

224.11.2010 7:26

Like KB says.. meh... not interested

ARR! Them pesky Navy! Get out of my sea!

324.11.2010 9:52

Looks like a very handy piece of software for those who need


425.11.2010 2:39

As I said, useless for backups...this is just for making poorly baked rips to upload to megashare.

525.11.2010 9:15

Originally posted by KillerBug:
As I said, useless for backups...this is just for making poorly baked rips to upload to megashare.
And what makes it "useless"? Just because it doesn't support yet YOUR favorite format? Nowadays everything plays AVI,MP4 or MKV, not sure what makes m2ts so special.
This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 25 Nov 2010 @ 9:19

625.11.2010 14:50

what makes it "useless"?
m2ts is the conversion the PS3 boys have to use to convert .mkv high def downloads.
Of course, to some of them, if this software can't do that then it 'must be completely useless'.

726.11.2010 16:08

If this new software works, great. However, DVDFab needs to make sure to have more options to help rake in more $$$.

If people don't like what DVDFab is offering, then the market will decide against DVDFab.

819.12.2010 19:27

Does this DVDFab "shrink" 3D blu-ray (50GB) to 25GB blu-ray keeping the 3D features from the original?

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